I appreciate and am humbled by the graceful movements in living things such as a twisting branch, a leaping animal, the human form or the gentle swells of waves.  I initiated my formal training as an artist after raising a family and a long career in real estate and mortgage financing.  I am glad that I embarked on this journey later in life because my view has been enriched by the experiences of loss and recovery, friendship,  marriage, child bearing and personal growth.  It helps me to develop art that is not abrasive and pays tribute to the subjects that I address in my work.

I am drawn to contemporary and modern art.  My work is diverse and deliberate.  I try to suggest the forms of nature and life that I respect so much in my art.  I draw, write and participate in workshops to keep a creative flow and gain ideas for new work.  Through my continuous investigation and training I hope that my work translates the influences of life and the aesthetics within which we live.

I will continue to try new mediums, teach and learn for as long as I have the privilege and time to create work as an artist.